Being a Girl Interrupted

“I have borderline personality”

“Oh, that’s nothing. What else?”

My first time seeing this film, I was 13, and I had no idea what anything was. I didn’t know about psych wards, Winona Ryder, or the 60s for that matter. I rewatched it for the first time in 4 years, and I have to honestly say I appreciate it, more than ever. The music is something I paid attention to often throughout the film. The Band’s “The Weight” especially. We also can’t forget Petula Clark’s “Downtown”. It was one of those songs, that when I heard it, I knew it would make another bold statement later in the film.

Another thing I love about this movie, is the way they shed a light on mental illness. Anorexia, Borderline Personality, Violent Social Behavior, Emotional Abuse, and more. James Mangold didn’t just sell me on the way they look, or the way they act, but the way they say things. It gave me a look inside of their minds. Many were difficult to watch, only because it was the truth.

I could feel myself more and more as I watched through it. When you think about it “Girl Interrupted” gives the concept of you thinking you’re okay, when you really aren’t. You realize everything’s been flipped over, torn apart, and thrown outside, without knowing it. It’s like an onstage play being stopped right in the middle of the good part.

That’s another thing about this classic film. A lot of people haven’t really considered this film to be a so called “cult-classic” because it features content that a lot of people, want to believe does not happen. It’s denial. Susanna Kaysen told her story, to benefit others. Whether it’s the 60s or now, these things still happen.

I give this film, 5/5 rating. I recommend it to anyone that can handle it. You don’t just show this film to anyone, especially children. As far as the film work, definitely a 5/5 rating as well. The filters added to the surrounding of the setting. The dialogue is genius. The acting is superb.

This film has taught me a boat load of things, but mostly to not give up on anyone that is hurting. Quit making everything about yourself, and worrying about what everyone else wants you to accomplish.

Please watch this film.


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